Crazy Golf Ball

I have a used Titleist DT golf ball with a Mack Trucks logo that I carry with me everywhere. I found it while looking for my golf ball on number 18 at Pine Lake Country Club back in March.

It was buried in the mud and kind of looked like an eye looking back at me. So I dug it out and washed it up and have kept it ever since.

I am not sure why I have kept this ball. I have lost dozens of golf balls since playing golf, but this one has been spared. Go Figure.

It flew with me out to Laguna Beach, CA and rode down to Jacksonville, FL. It even accompanied me to St Croix. It goes to work with me every day. I'll bet this ball has 15,000 traveling miles on it.

It's on my desk now.

By the way I did find my ball that day on 18.