Oh wow! It’s Saturday! I’ve got lots of stuff to do today.

Let’s see. I have to cut the grass. It’s long. I need to wash the RV but that could be done tomorrow.

The big beer transfer should go off today. This is when I transfer the 6 gallon plastic bucket of beer to a 5 gallon glass container leaving the yeast and sludge behind. This means reading instructions and cleaning stuff. I’ll do that this afternoon. This would be a good time to multitask and watch the US Open.

I need to get about 8 bales of hay for the horses. This should be enough to cover the period I’m in Arizona. Oh heck maybe I should get 10 bales to be safe.

While I’m out I need to go to Lowes and get a 22’ X 6’ green outdoor carpet cut for the RV. This is the real thin stuff. It’s good to keep the awning area clean and keeps dirt out of the RV.

While I’m there, I could stop by Dick’s Sporting goods. Thomas had a cool hat he got there. I would like to own one myself. It’s kind of an old man hat but I’m rapidly becoming an old man so I might as well get it. It’s the full brim hat that covers your ears. Most of my friends have a lifelong goal of not getting their ears clipped away by cancer like their dads or uncles.

Did Gigi say something yesterday about going out for breakfast this morning?

Did I tell Frank Graham to come over today to service the generator? I guess so. I plan to take the generator July 1 on vacation. Oh! I remembered that I need to get some oil and a sparkplug for the generator before he comes over.

It always nice to have the generator so we can pull over and go into Cracker Barrel Restaurant and leave the animals in the RV. The generator allows us to run the AC for them and me if I want a nap afterwards.

It’s about a 7 hour drive from Midland, NC to Jekyll Island, GA, so we plan to stop if we prepare for the heat. There are many years when we just drive on through. By the time you get there I am hungry, grouchy and tired. So it’s best to stop.

I’m taking an extra 5 gallons of diesel in a container this year. The trip with the load of the travel trailer is about the full range of my truck’s fuel tank. I don’t want to run low on fuel if there are any traffic tie-ups on I-95.

Usually there is a point where we sit on some deserted area of I-95 in Georgia waiting for a wreck to clear. And usually you recognize the idiot in the wreck. He was the guy that flew by you 30 minutes ago with crap all over the roof pulling an overloaded and swaying U-Haul trailer at like 85 MPH. It serves him right.

All this talk of vacation takes me back to The Chronicles of Fireball Hunnicutt. Please follow this link to relive the stories of yesteryear.