I love high definition TV. It looks and sounds better than real life.

Ask Gigi, I’ll watch about anything on a HD channel simply because it’s so clear and the sound is awesome.

Charmed reruns are fine, anything on Discovery HD is fine, old HBO and Showtime movies with has been dead actors like Lee Marvin hold me spellbound for hours.

I will quickly loose interest on the same subject matter on standard definition TV.

We have had high definition TV for a year now and the novelty has not worn off for me.

I am however very tired of documentaries about snakes. Give it a break.

Women don’t get the big deal about superior TV clarity, and superior sound. They simply tolerate our need for HD and are happy to watch their TV in 4:3 ratio while I’m engulfed in 16:9 ratio.

I guess it’s just a basic man woman think like guys are universally going to like the Three Stooges and woman universally are going to hate the Stooges. Substitute Beavis and Butthead for the Stooges if you are young and reading this.

It doesn’t matter to me, they are both funny and stimulate the same part of my male brain. Adolescence is the universal language for most men.