My trip to Phoenix was fun. I got in lots of golf, a few meetings, and the obligatory evening cocktails.

My buddy Ty and I were determined to play as much desert golf as possible. We had three tee times booked and were cautiously optimistic about playing in 110 desert heat.

Ty was amazed at the starkness of the desert and how many people were there.

I have never seen the draw to the desert either but million of folks flock to an area that is very similar to Mars. There’s noting but brown dirt, heat and little dangerous animals the exact color of brown dirt.

When you play there the starter tells you to watch for rattlesnakes, scorpions, spiders, and then tells you where the bathrooms and the waters station are.

I thought it strange about the bathrooms. Most golfers just hide behind a tree to relieve themselves. Beer can make you even braver.

Well there are no trees, bushes or anything suitable to pee behind. Second, you do not pee at all playing in 110 degree heat. I think I only peed maybe 6 times during the entire stay in Phoenix.

There are very skinny prairie dogs, rabbits with giant ears and lizards everywhere. Ty even ran over a prairie dog with the golf cart. It was unavoidable.

Once I thought I spotted a rattlesnake coiled up just ahead. Ty slams on the brakes and I about busted my teeth out on the windshield. Turns out it was a big pile of coyote dung.

It was great to get back. Gigi was there at the airport right on time to pick me up. She looked lovely as always.

Then back home and the welcoming crowd of crazy border collies. Haley was so happy that she dropped and peed. Something I was unable to do for the past 4 days.