Our 32 foot travel trailer is 10 years old. It is a 1996 Citation that was bought slightly used.

The first couple that owned it bought it, towed it a few miles and then parked it without ever sleeping in it or using it.

A 32 foot tag along trailer takes some skill to tow. From the reports I heard the couple experienced some severe trailer sway. This scared them enough to park it and trade in for a motor home.

Their loss was my gain. We bought the trailer nearly new in the late summer of 1996.

Many times over the years we have been tempted to replace the coach with a newer model. I have kept the RV in top condition, by regular maintenance and cleaning.

This year we did a complete overhaul of sorts. I had the brakes replaced, installed new lighting, rewired the satellite TV for TIVO, installed a flat panel LCD TV in the bedroom, installed surround sound in the bedroom, refurbished the water heater, toilet, refrigerator, and replaced the side table in the living room.

It’s a great old coach with many fond memories of places and people we have visited over the past ten years. It’s been from Maine to Florida, to the Gulf coast to deep into Tennessee.

We have all the comforts of home, heat and air, microwave and hardwood floors, TV and radio, queen size bed and carpet, a full kitchen galley and a dining area, and the living room with a rocking chair and sofa. Plus the tiny but efficient bathroom.

We just pile in the three dogs and parrot, some food, and we head down the road on another adventure.

We don’t go as much as we used to. In the beginning it was common for us to go somewhere once a month if only for a few days. Gradually many of the RV campgrounds we used to frequent have been closed and sold for residential development.

We mainly just go to Jekyll Island, GA and Jordon Lake near Raleigh, NC. Plus if we are called to go to say a wedding in Jacksonville, FL, then we prefer to take the camper and dogs rather than stay in a hotel.

Sometimes we visit Gigi’s relatives in Alabama during Christmas. I can recall three Christmas’ spent in that RV. Winter camping can be cozy too.

So like the Space Shuttle and the Concord, I know that her days are numbered. Hopefully we will enjoy several more seasons and create memories worthy of blogging.


KettleCornBusiness said...

To see flash movie about traveling in Florida in our RV, diving in the keys, click here: The Dacrons flash travel blog Contains photos, voice over, music and sound effects. WARNING: can get very silly at times. :-)