Watching Two Sunrises in the Morning

I usually get up early on most weekdays. I enjoy the quiet time by myself, sipping coffee and trying to get a read on the financial news of the day from my laptop computer.

This time of year you start seeing light here around 5:15 AM.

Directly across from me are two large windows looking out over our mostly wooded property. It makes for a beautiful sunrise. You can see the sky thru the green forest canopy. On misty mornings the light streaks in like a cheap velvet painting of Jesus from the sky.

Then I simultaneously watch the sun rise over St Croix harbor in Christiansted, US Virgin Islands.

Mounted on the boardwalk of the harbor is a web cam. The cam is truly unique. There is an abundance of foot traffic, both tourists and locals. In the background however is the beautiful water and sailboats of the harbor.

This time of year the sun makes a dramatic entrance to the right of the screen.

In the winter my local sunrise is delayed about an hour so I get to extend the viewing time of sunrise. I'd rather be there in St Croix in the winter anyway.

Many times there is an older fellow on the boardwalk sitting on the bench watching the sunrise with me. He has no idea that I am looking over his shoulder. But we are both appreciating the same event.

Here in Charlotte it's just me and my cat watching the local sunrise.