Summer Stress?

This time of year always delivers its own kind of stress. You would think otherwise since summer is my favorite season.

First, it hot as teenage love. The windows at our house are actually steamed and frosted from the humidity. You break into a sweat immediately when you go outside.

I dislike thunderstorms. I am unnaturally afraid of lightening. I fear thunderstorms more than the average person. I don’t crawl under the bed with my dog Peaches, but I respect them greatly.

If it’s not bolts of electricity flying around to kill you then a blown over tree or downed power line might do the trick.

Plus the after storm cleanup isn’t fun. I keep a “stick pile” going in the corner of the pasture for those wet days when I can burn. It’s the only way to keep the storm debris under control. And yes we can burn here in the country.

Currently the financial markets are in a tailspin. It’s most likely just a correction, but stressful never the less. I make my living by up markets and not down markets. Plain and simple.

I have too many planned trips. Poor baby you are saying.

I plan to go to Phoenix in a week, then Jekyll Island, then Jordon Lake. I would love to get up to Smith Mountain Lake to visit my sister and her husband this summer.

Gigi and I have talked about going to Scotland in the fall. Can we get house sitters for the dogs and horses? Oh whoa is me!

It’s almost too hot to play 18 holes of golf. I thought it was just me. I have asked around and most of my friends would be perfectly satisfied to play just 9 in this heat. By number 14 I am shanking and topping the ball from being too exposed to the heat and sweat.

I can’t seem to drink enough water to stay hydrated and alert for 4 hours. And I plan to play golf in Phoenix? At a 110 degrees? What was I thinking?

Well, I am going to enjoy June here in the South in spite of myself and let my stress roll down by back like the recent sweat.

Did I just hear thunder???