I Am Not Making This Up

I took my dog Peaches to the vet to get her final checkup and release from ACL surgery that she had 8 weeks ago. The vet is on the southern industrial part of Charlotte off of HWY 49 or Tryon Street.

The vet had to sedate peaches one more time for x-rays so I had an hour to kill.

I drove north to go get Gigi a mask and snorkel at the local and well equipped dive shop.

Why in the hell we have a dive shop in Charlotte I will never know. I actually think there are several dive shops

Can you imagine the owner going to the bank to borrow money to start this business?

I can hear the banker now, “You want to do what? Where in the hell are people going to dive? Get out of my office you idiot”

There isn’t an ocean for 200 miles and there is nothing to look at in the lakes here. Even so the ocean on the east coast is so murky you couldn’t see 18 inches in front of you. And again there is nothing to see.

But this dive stuff will come in handy when we get back to St Croix in February.

Here is the strange stuff. I passed the York Memorial Park (a cemetery) and there is a big sign out front, “Buy One Cemetery Lot and Get the Second at Half Price”.

Oh this is quite tempting, but no thanks. Lying on my back until the sun burns out on South Tryon Street at any price just doesn’t float my boat.

Then I go to the bank to cash a check for my upcoming travels to Phoenix and decide to use the drive through teller. I usually avoid the drive through because my diesel truck is so loud and it’s difficult to hear the teller.

But it’s hot today and I had my now very drunk dog Peaches asleep on the front seat.

I shot the little container up the tube with my check and drivers license. We exchanged polite greetings.

She shot the container back and swoosh it arrived with my money and drivers license. I opened the case and a whiff of perfume comes out so strong that it wakes up my dog.

Good Lord Lady!