Free Bug Spray and Paperclips

I was standing in line this morning at Home Depot and saw a display of OFF! bug repellent. It made me think about our upcoming vacation trip to Jekyll Island, GA.

Jekyll is notorious for their mosquitoes. You have to keep plenty of OFF! nearby and apply it often. The goal is to not come home from Jekyll with little scratch scabs all over your legs.

Once you get that mosquito bite you find the scratching so pleasurable that you eventually tear into skin and this makes it scabby.

Fortunately I haven’t had to buy OFF! in ten years.

Our camp site us usually the gathering place where meals are eaten and bug spray is applied. Inevitably people forget their cans of OFF! At the end of vacation I collect up these partially used cans and save them for next year.

I counted seven cans in the RV just the other day.

Likewise I never buy paperclips. I have a small container on my desk half full of clips. I stocked it in the summer of 1999 with a box of small Gem Clips.

Since then I take a clip when I need it and throw a clip in before I toss a clip in the waste basket.

I never run out of paperclips.

I won’t even get into the issue of hangers. Suffice it to say we are knee deep in coat hangers at home. I don’t know how they breed so fast.