Morning News

Gigi made an observation early this morning around 5:30 AM.

We woke up early as usual. We were talking in the dark. I was trying to get up the energy to make coffee.

Finally Gigi remarked, “Do you want to watch those folks that have taken showers already and put on their suits?”

“Huh?” I replied.

“You know”, she said, “The local news.”

It is amazing when you think about it.

We turned on the TV and sure enough all the news folks were sitting there all clean and shiny with suits and ties and their hair all done. Not a one looked cranky or sleepy.

I don’t mind getting up. But I am slow to get anything accomplished for an hour or so.

One of my old roommates in college, Dusty, could fall asleep sitting straight up in a chair, drinking coffee after a morning shower. It took explosions to wake him up and threats to get him moving. He never turned out to be a morning news caster.