Random Thoughts

Well my cat can no longer claw my chair but she proved she can puke on it this morning. Good for her. The taunting of her daddy continues.

The Verb "to be"

I turned over in the middle of the night and this came to mind.

The verb “to be” cannot have a direct object. I learned this in 9th grade English.

I was always zoned out in 9th grade English. Most of my thoughts were of girls. Yes I would say my brain was utilizing about 95% of it capacity thinking about girls and the other 5% was used to run my heart, lungs, digestive system, and other body necessities.

Miss Tilley (we called her Bulldog Tilley) roped me back into reality and asked me, “Reggie! Can the verb to be, have a direct object?”

I knew I had a 50/50 shot at this so I confidently blurted out, “Yes.”

Miss Tilley then called on a nearby girl known to have koodies and was overall an un-cool individual. She was asked, “Is he right?”

She answered, “Yes.”

I knew I was home free. This girl was smart. After all I reckoned, she had nothing else to do but study.

But apparently she was thinking about boys and she and I were both wrong. We had both taken the 50/50 odds and lost.

Miss Tilley asked us both to get up in front of the class. We were instructed to hold hands and recite, “The verb to be cannot have a direct object.”

Then we were instructed to knock on every classroom in the building, ask the teacher if we could make an announcement on behalf of Miss Tilley. They all said, “Yes.”

We then held hands and recited,” The verb to be cannot have a direct object”, to about 20 classes.

I never forgot this grammar rule. I still don’t know what it means but I know the rule.

Plus, I ended up marrying a girl so all that thinking about girls was worthwhile.


I got up early and made some pancake mix for our RV trip to Jekyll Island.

This recipe makes in my opinion the best pancakes ever. Made correctly these pancakes are the standard by which all pancakes should be measured.

You can find the recipe by going to this link.

They are well worth the extra effort assuming to have a discriminating palate.

Beer Update

After publishing this blog I plan to go next door to the guest house and begin to soak my 54 beer bottles in a chlorine solution to sterilize them.

Tonight I plan to bottle my beer.