Cat Claws

I can buy me a new chair soon.

Our adopted cat of one year has succeeded in ripping my favorite chair to shreds. Millie in turn had her front claws removed yesterday.

This chair of mine is very old. It has been around since I was a child. Back then it sat in the basement and had the most ugly brown dot fabric covering it. The house cat slept in it then.

Its style is classic however, sort of a wingback and kind of overstuffed with a low back. My grandfather sat in one identical to mine. I don’t think his was ever recovered. It looked kind of shiny and waxy from years of use.

I would guess the chair was at least 50 years old when I was a kid and we know that that’s been 50 years. So I’d guess this chair I’m in now is 100 years old.

I have had the chair rebuilt once and added a matching ottoman. It’s been recovered at least four times in 30 years.

Seriously though I think I’ll replace it with a recliner.

Man chairs are ugly but comfortable so it might as well be the most comfortable ugly chair you can find.


Peach Pod said...

They make leather wingback recliners, a combination of tastefulness and comfort!