Transportation and Being Naked

Dreams. The playground of sleep.

I dream a lot when I sleep. Last night was particularly fruitful. So good did I sleep in fact that I slept until 7:50 AM which is very unusual.

I am fortunate that I remember many of my dreams. They don’t make much sense but I can recall at least part of my dreams every night.

One of my favorite dreams is when I have the ability to fly. It’s really like floating. It is a conscience effort that I use to keep my body aloft while going forward. It sort of like if you could imagine the body position of a person riding a Segway, then sans the Segway and the helmet.

I don’t fly very high or fast however the experience is exhilarating. Passersby’s are very impressed with my ability to fly.

Running in a dream is virtually impossible even if nothing is chasing me.

Just last night I was attempting to jog and it came off as a subdued and stressful skip. No matter what I do or
how I attempt to gain speed I am doomed to fail in a dream.

I am better off flying now that I think about in the light of day.

In my dreams I find myself naked far too often. Not inappropriately dressed or partially dressed but buck ass naked. Just the birthday suit. It gets embarrassing.

There is no forethought that I am not going to wear clothes then discover it wasn’t a good idea. I just realize that I am naked far too often and have no recollection of why I decided to go naked.

Last night I was at a church picnic. I was mingling when I realized I was causing a stir. I determined that my nudity was the issue and gracefully grabbed two paper plates to cover my front and back.

Now let’s think about this for a minute. Me being naked was okay until I realized I was naked. Then when I realized I was naked I thought it was okay to continue to hang around (no pun intended) with two cheap scalloped paper plates covering my goodies.

As I think back, I don’t recall ever having flown naked. That would be a trip.


Peach Pod said...

I have the flying dream, too. When I fly, I'm like one of those wood gliders you use to buy for .15 cents from Kmart when we were kids. I just put my arms out and catch a draft. My favorite flying dream involves a hill that is really steep. I start at the top and land on my feet at the bottom. I love this hill because it was my favorite one to ride my bike down when I was a kid.