Comfort Food

Boy would I love a johnny cake right now. Lamenting about the lack of hushpuppies the other day got me to thinking about them.

I always get a few Johnny cakes when I go to St Croix. I wasn’t raised on johnnie cakes but I should have been. They are semi-sweet and have a good cornmeal flavor. They taste like a lighter version of a doughnut. But they are not greasy.

I took care of that hushpuppy jones and went to my favorite local barbeque restaurant for lunch yesterday.

Spoons BBQ on South Blvd in Charlotte is one of the few independent barbeque restaurants around. They have good lean, chopped pork barbeque, slaw, baked beans, Brunswick stew, hushpuppies, and sweet tea. This is real Southern comfort food.

Another Southern comfort food that I haven’t had in years is potato cakes. Mom used to take leftover mashed potatoes, add diced onions, an egg and who know what else and pan fry small round cakes on each side until they were brown. They were absolutely great! It would make a fantastic breakfast side now that I think about it.

Oh my gosh! Could I use some sweet potato pie right now too? About once a month Dad used to take me to a pie shop on 9th street in Durham. They had the best homemade sweet potato pie. It was so fluffy. That was back in the early 1960s.

I know this will be freaky to some but I used to love it when Mom made chicken hearts and gizzards with gravy over rice. I could eat a yard of that stuff.


Peach Pod said...

We need to add moonpies, cornbread in buttermilk, peanuts in Pepsi and Barbara's campground stew.