Afternoon Gazing

This time of year is very slow for me. So I’m sitting and watching the web cam in St Croix and noticed the Christmas tree has blown down.

I sent and email to the cam operator:

Could you send someone around and set up the Christmas Tree in front of the cam please?

They replied:


Thanks for the heads up. Someone is on the way down shortly to upright the

tree! Thanks for being such an avid watcher of our web cam!



I emailed my sister:

I just told them to set up the tree and she said she would send someone out ASAP.

She replied (obviously bored too):

That is funny. I can't wait to see it on that cam!!

Santa’s elves appear to fix the stand and redecorate, but it falls down again. More elves show up.

It blew down again....oh well, I guess I'll call it a day.


Michael said...

That is cool that Kelly sent someone out to fix it right away. And funny that it kept blowning over.

SubTropical Storm Olga is passing, so we've had really windy rainy weather. This morning while heading to my early morning massage it started coming down hard, really wind-blown. It started raining inside The Great Pumpkin.

This is the second time I've been poured on, inside a rover, within day of getting it on the road. Now I know where both of them leak. This one looks easier to patch. I think I need some weather stripping between the lid and the top of the windshield, maybe all the way 'round under the lid.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You want me to send some patch stuff from the Midland Post Office? Come to think of it'd get it faster if I brought it in 6 weeks.

Michael said...

I think I can get what I need at Gallows Bay Hardware, but why don't you send some anyway, just to see if the Midland PO can get it here before you come in six weeks. :)

I was enjoying the falling tree saga so much, I forgot to rib you about your opening line. How is it you're slow this time of year, when everyone else is crazy busy pulling their hair out?

Michael said...

Wait. Nevermind. I figured it out. You help people invest their money... and this time of year no one has any spare to invest :)

TerryC said...

What a good Samaritan you are, Reg!

Make sure that Christmas cheer keeps getting spread!

It's cool that you made Kelly aware of the tree situation. I just wonder why no one who was looking at the tree from down there on the boardwalk told her...