Guys and Excercise

I just got back from the gym having done my afternoon cardio. There was a guy there hitting the weights.

Its fun to watch guys do weights because they spend more time preening in front of the mirror than they spend time actually lifting weights; like they are going to see instant results.

It reminded me of when I was a little kid. I would get my mother to buy me canned spinach. It tasted so bad that I would gag with every bite but I was convenience that I would power up like Popeye. I would take a bite, gag, swallow, and then test my strength. How stupid was I?

I’ve been riding that same bike downstairs since September, 2002. There have been a lot of miles and Time magazines and Golf Digests read there over the years.

If I drop dead of a heart attack I’m going to be pissed. I could have been sitting on my ass all that time and the joke would be on me.


Jahooni said...

Funny.... did all little boys want to be Popeye?

I agree with you about guys lifting weights at the gym. It does however pass the time for me watching them while on the treadmill! ;-)

TerryC said...

I did the spinach thing when I was a kid, too (I was a tomboy and always trying to be better and stronger than the boys in the neighborhood. I was the only girl).
But after the first couple of bites, I gave up. I was also a VERY fussy eater, but even my brother wouldn't eat that slimy, yucky stuff. There had to be a better way....