Almost Ziggish

I was riding in this morning when suddenly I got this overwhelming artsy fartsy feeling, almost Ziggish and snapped this picture. I have nothing say about it so that is it. Maybe Zig can add a comment.

I am in a killer mood. I cut on WSTX radio out of St Croix first thing this morning and started dancing with Haley over the Cruzan Rum jingle.

I heard a commercial about saving a pet where you could get a Cruzan dog and escort it back to a mainland shelter so the dog would have a better chance of being adopted. I called the number and it seems they are only interested in yankee shelters. They have deals set up in Boston, Philadelphia, etc. but not Charlotte. Poor little Cruzan dogs, having to live in yankee places.


mr zig said...

hehe - I love the picture! It's actually really cool how both the reflection in the mirror, and the actual bus are in focus :)

Michael said...

I think the picture speaks for itself.

As for Pets from Paradise, I'm sure they'd love to make some connections with shelters in the South as well. The north coast is just where they happen to have the contacts, and where there tends to be more of a demand for adoptees, than a supply.

They make agreements with no-kill shelters that don't have a surplus of adoptable dogs. Are there shelters in your area that don't have enough dogs to meet the demand of people looking to adopt, and have the staffing to meet carriers at the airport to accept the dogs?

Pets from Paradise was floundering for a bit, but they're looking to expand again. If you can set it up on your end, I'm sure they'd be happy to send dogs to the south. Otherwise, they can always use funds to help defray the costs of sending dogs north.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Zig...that was just dumb luck. I thought the picture was cool though and it reminded me of you.

Michael...I always want to help the strays down there but my house is full. I can't get up in the night without stepping on either Duke, Peaches, Haley or Cedie. Last night I stepped on a mirror and it broke under my foot. No cuts.

Escorting a dog back would be a way to help. Most of our non-kill shelters are full here so the idea of escorting another dog may not appeal to them.

I could do two dogs a year, three or four if Gigi let me come more often.