Twas the Day After Christmas

Yesterday continued to be entertaining as the evening progressed on.

My FIL is socially inept as I pointed out before. He is also suffering dementia.

If you listen to his attempt at conversation he will eventually start over much like The Weather Channel or Headline news.

At one point in his past, maybe a few years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes that was induced by a treatment for low blood platelets. After the treatment was over so was the diabetes. Him having diabetes stuck in his brain.

Yesterday about once an hour he would tell us that he has diabetes and I would tell him he doesn’t have it anymore and he would get all happy and excited. This rediscovery would happen every hour or so and he would be happy all over again until he forgot it a few minutes later.

It was like having your own version of Fifty First Dates playing in front of you.

My MIL kept talking about how great her dust buster was and how it was a pleasure to use and we should have one, bla, bla. She has her wits about her but when she got on this dust buster jag it went on and on. I thought I was going to have to promise to buy one.

At my house we can fill a dust buster in seconds. Plus Cedie goes crazy and any motor so I might as well fire up a real vac if I plan to vacuum.

It is so great to have the holidays over. We don’t do much for New Years Eve except cook traditional Southern dishes for good luck. The preparation started yesterday when I rescued the ham hoc from the Christmas Ham. Good traditional eating will follow.


Liv said...

But was the BIL there? Because I hear he's the greatest.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes the sweet one...not the grouchy one of legends.