Leave Me to Enjoy my Alpha Waves, Please

There are three items that must be inventoried for my morning coffee.

Coffee. I like to keep the container full.

Creamer, I use canned milk. I hate to open a new can.

Sweet and Low. I use a big mug so I use two sweeteners. I hate to refill the container.

This morning I hit crisis mode. I scraped out enough coffee for a pot and used my last two Sweet and Lows along with the last splash of creamer. Now everything is empty and out of balance. It should have never been allowed to go this far I know.

We have more of everything here, I just hate to refill. I’m dying for a second up but I would need to go in the laundry room, find the cubic foot box of sweet and low from Sam’s club, grab a gigantic handful of the pink bags, and then begin sorting the bags in alignment to fit in the dispenser. I would rather do without my second cup of coffee.

Then I would have to grab a metal can of milk and forcibly penetrate the top with a metal object so I could get at the milk. This all sounds so strenuous and I would still be left with an empty coffee tin. I really hate scooping grounds, it’s so messy.

Besides, I’m still enjoying my laid back alpha waves from a good nights sleep. I’ll buy another cup on the way to the office.


Terri said...

Good thing you don't live at my house where cereal boxes with 3 pieces of cereal left are put back in the cupboard, cartons of milk with virtually teaspoons of milk are returned to the fridge, and toilet paper rolls seem to never get replaced... all left for the next person who wants to use these things to deal with replacing them. Why is it we find it so annoying to refill and replace things like this?

Unknown said...

I think because people just tend to be so lazy. And often about the simpliest of things. I have to go home today and clean the entire house which includes putting the dining room chairs back from a party we had last weekend. I coulda done it last weekend and it woulda taken me all of 5 minutes but instead I was too lazy. Now I am forced to it today as company comes to town tomorrow!