Live and Learn

I did something very unnatural for me today. I went fishing for stripe bass on a cold fresh water lake.

I used to like to fish. Now I am more of an animal lover and prefer not to trick little animals into thinking that they are about to get a meal and then snatch them into my world to die.

I like to eat seafood and meat but prefer someone else to actually get the meat.

As far as fishing in December…I must have been out of my mind. I hate cold weather.

It was 32 this morning with a steady breeze. We cruised to the trolling area at about 25 knots. I was freezing my ass off.

I had on my coat that I would wear to Winnipeg in the winter if I ever went. I wore a toboggan, heavy gloves, two upper layers and a scarf over my face. I didn’t think it was cold enough for long johns and I was wrong. My God, the wind cut through me like Sherman marching through the south. It was awful. I thought my lips would crack open and bleed.

We trolled for 3 hours when finally a fish hit. It was a nice big striped bass, maybe 7 pounds. We quickly toss it back in the water and called it a day.

I’m good for fishing now for a few years, maybe forever in the winter.


Unknown said...

It is only a full day of fishing if you see a naked man in the parking lot.

TerryC said...

That was pretty goofy, Wreg....

Ali said...

You WORE a toboggan? What the hell? In Canada a toboggan is a must mean a toque...otherwise you Americans just have a whoooole other way of dressing :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No…it is a latitude thing. A toboggan is not even a part of our vernacular as it pertains to a sled. We have seen them though in miserable events like the winter Olympics.

A toboggan here is an itchy apparatus you wear on your head to keep it warm. You also get terrible bus hair and static electricity when you take it off.

TerryC said...

You know,Ali, Michael and I were on the same sled as you.

Those Rebs. They don't know how to dress. They WEAR toboggans!

You'd have thought they'd have given up trying after they were trounced by the North.


Chris said...

It's funny to think of Winter fishing in a boat..
Here, we drill holes in the ice, and freeze our butts off in a snowbank.

Some people wise up, and fish inside heated shacks. That's what I recommend.