I'm Chillin'

I have transitioned to a trendy cool person with the addition of an ipod itouch and nearby Panera Bread.

As you may recall I did not, nor have I ever splurged and bought myself an ipod. Well Gigi bought me a fancy smancy top of the line one for Christmas.

I dearly love this contraption. On the practical side I now have all my contacts from Outlook, my calendar and pictures. From the fun stance, this thing has Wi-Fi so I can surf the Internet, look at videos, and still store more songs than I have ever heard in my life. Plus I uploaded two DVD’s so I can watch movies when I work out.

Today I went out to lunch to flex my coolness to Panera Bread. They just opened this new one in front of my office and it is the place to eat lunch. You see beautiful yuppie women there with their workout suits on and a pony tail coming out of the back of their ball cap, and sensitive guys with names like Andrew talking in feminine voices to their children.

I cruised in, ordered a grilled salmon salad and tooled over to my table to begin being cool. I hooked up the wi-fi and checked my email.

My buzzer went off and I went up to the counter to pick up my salad.

When I envision a piece of grilled salmon, I somehow expect that it should have been grilled recently. This fish was grilled at some point but now it was icy cold. The dressing on the salad was so tart that I couldn’t help but make sour faces I make when something is sour.

To top it off I ordered water but really wanted a diet coke. Cool people always drink water at these places.

I decided to watch a video I uploaded and it was a national geographic special I wanted to see. So I’m eating this sour ass salad with cold fish watching an alligator eat a snake.

This wasn’t working for me but I got through it and next time I’ll be more relaxed and choose a better film to watch during lunch plus get the diet coke.


Liv said...

What is it with the Panera? = free wifi = super, but bad food...it sucks.

Jay said...

I remember my first attempt at being cool. it went about like yours. I've gotten better at it though. Not great, but better.

I spent an entire afternoon in an Apple Store playing with the iPod Touch. I love my Nano, but want a Touch so bad. I finally gave up and had to leave. I did make sure my blog was the new home page on every computer in the store before I left though. ;-)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

That dressing was twangy!

You are cool Liv. The itouch is nice!

TerryC said...

I'm so uncool, I don't even know what Panera is. I would just laugh at all the idiots doing what you were trying to do. And I would have the diet coke.

Michael said...

Terry is soooo cool, she's had an iPod nano in a hot pink silicon protector for over two years already.

But it mostly sits on my desk slowly losing its battery charge, until she decides she needs it to take to a massage appointment. By then, the charge has dwindled to the point that it won't stay on and play. She brings it home. I plug it in. Eventually it's unplugged, and it waits until the next time she thinks she might need it.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Gigi has an ipod and it is always dead.

Jahooni said...

I wasn't that impressed with Panera Bread when I tried it the first time either... but the second time was much better!

MessyJessy said...

Bahahahah! I made the same mistake ordering the grilled salmon salad. That was the nastiest salad I've ever consumed. The salmon was reminiscent of the stuff they sell in a bag at the grocery isle but chilled with some gelatin substance on it. Ewwww...it was Horrible, tasteless, and who in the world thought that dressing tasted good? Bleh! Way to tart. I asked for 3 different dressings before I found one I could handle.

They do make an incredible sourdough bread and black bean soup. And I do like the free wi-fi. ..I just happened to pick one of the worst salads ever created. I'll stick to the bread. They seem to have that down.

The husband got an ipod itouch. He is an uber nerd. :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

That you Jessy...I thought my taste glands were unsophisticated.