Just Call Me Twinkle Toes

I am just Twinkle Toes this morning. This has been a throw away week. Nice weather, good golf and all that stuff. I didn’t do much real work.

Tonight we have our office Christmas dinner. I am the boss so I don’t get nervous about meeting the boss. I love to watch the spouses getting nervous trying to read something into everything I say. I feel like saying, “Come on you idiots! It’s just me”.

But even bigger, my school, Appalachian State University will play in the national championship tonight on ESPN2 and they are going after a third national title. Did I mention that we beat Michigan in the big house earlier this year?

So, dinner at 6:30, yackidy yack, and then off to the nearest sports bar to catch at least three quarters of the game. Boy howdy I am excited.

It’s funny; I read in the New York Times this morning that Appalachian can’t find a big school that will put them on the schedule next year after the Michigan defeat. Usually we play a big school like LSU so they will have someone to tear apart, and we get some good money for the event.

Then tomorrow Gigi and (I) head to Durham to celebrate Christmas with my family. The guys will hang around and grill tenderloin, have drinks and cigars while the ladies catch up on their stuff. It always fun to see family.

Sunday is a wide open day. NFL, a party to drop by, or I may drive 2 hours to the mountains and see the snow. They are supposed to get a foot of snow. I would like to see it and maybe celebrate a victory at my school.


Michael said...

Boy Howdy! We're excited for you too! Who's head is Gigi going to Durham with?

Say hi to the snow for us :)

We're running the bar at Nutcracker tonight. We'll say hi to the other Twinkle toes for you.

TerryC said...

So, will you be the "head" tomorrow that goes with Gigi to Durham?

And, will it be because you had too much fun at your Christmas party and ESPN2 game?

You should call yourself twinkle fingers this morning, they're working too fast! ;)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Ha ha...I forgot the I. Damn you two.

No grahmer cheeker for me.

Have fun!

Ali Kat said...

Apparently, only 10% of the world's population will ever see snow in their lifetime! I don't consider myself lucky when I have to live with the stuff for almost half the year :( On the plus side - I'm going to Palm Springs this Christmas, so I won't have to endure it for a whole 10 days! Woo Hoo :D