See You in '08

I am very frustrated. It’s getting very cold here and I must throw in the towel to winter.

Its four weeks until I head to tropical paradise and I am trying to restrain my excitement. I need to deal now with the drab depressing reality of winter…face it like a man. If I think too much about vacation I’ll work myself into a tizzy prematurely. Premature tizzalation.

I have to travel to South Georgia on News Year day to a funeral for Gigi’s step father. He was a good guy and I will have a drink and toast in his honor. He made us laugh and we loved him.

Thursday I travel to Asheville NC and they expect a snow storm of 6 to 8 inches. Can you say that sucks too?

It’s been raining which is good but the dogs stay muddy…red North Carolina clay mud.

I had to actually work today. I thought I was only going in to check the mail.

I had to spend $496 on my truck today. The ball joint, Johnson Rod, or whatever went out and it was pulling to the left when I braked.

It’s New Years Eve and I am packing to travel to South Georgia.

I hate to have events unplanned. I know the guy couldn’t help that he died. Okay, road adventure, yeah. Gigi, her brother Pat and I will go. Her Dad Larry will stay back and watch the horses. Okay, we’re done.

No wait, I’m going and we will get a house sitter…okay but I don’t like changes. No wait, Larry will stay back and we get a house sitter. Wherever! Make up your minds!

Happy New Year all.


TerryC said...

That sucks worse than Ned's ass. :(

Michael said...

Ok, I'm really confused about who all your in-laws are - but that's the south I guess.

Bummer about your step-father-in-law.

We had a very mellow New Years Eve. We watched a couple movies off the iPod, because the DVD player seemed to lose it yesterday. And we had left-overs. It's not as bad as it sounds. We like to think of it as breaking with the past. We're not bringing any old food with us into 2008. And Terry did a great job making into a whole new meal.

It tasted better than Ned's ass.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I have a lot of current and former in laws on Gigi's side. They like to remarry three or four times in a lifetime.

Most regret it all...we could have told them that from the beginning.

The guys funeral we are going to was married I know at least 4 times. Three of them lasted over a decade.

Her mother has been married three times. Her brother is closing out his second.

It gets confusing...even for a Southerner.

My mother has been married twice. She outlived both my father and her second husband.

DocMtCat said...

Wishing you safe travel... If you get snow at least you will have a scenic drive. It's beautiful up there.

-Shane (doc)

none said...

Dang I'm sorry about your loss. That winter weather sounds ugly too.

Have a safe trip whatever you do.

Chris said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss as well. My best to you and Gigi.

My good friend played hockey in Asheville a while back. Are the Smoke still around?

Enjoy your vacation, I wish we were going somewhere warm - like North Carolina.;)

Logzie said...

Sorry to hear about Gigi's step father. My condolences.