Sadly, Summer is Over

Damn its pink outside! Who needs to go to mars? What did my dad teach me, red sky in morning, sailor take warning.

I guess our summer vacation is over here. I’d better cover the Jeep up and fasten the top and doors.

It’s been 80 degrees here for the last three days shattering records from the 1800’s. I on the other hand have been playing in it like a kid in a snowstorm, culminating with a round of golf yesterday.

When I came back from Jacksonville Monday I picked up Gigi’s father from Brunswick, GA. Her dad Larry is a happy go lucky type from the Bob Hope era. His main job in life is to fill a day with activity. He is a Jack Lalanne sort of guy pushing 80.

All the males in her family live in perfect denial of their aging health. They range from 50 to 78 and I doubt any of them have ever gone to the doctor voluntarily just as a preventative.

I told Larry about me going to the doctor earlier this year trying to encourage him to do the same. He thought I was crazy and the colonoscopy was down right perverse. He couldn’t fathom the camera up the rear and thought it strange that I set still and agreed to have it done.

Sadly we have noticed Larry is gradually, no rapidly loosing his short term memory. So today I am going to take him in for some blood work and get an evaluation of his mental condition.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the cooler weather is making its rounds here too. Supposed to drop to a high of 65 and a low of 40 by the weekend's end!