Coming Soon, "Origami II-Return to Buck Island"?

I know most of you think that a professional vacationist like me just sits around in the off season dreaming of warmer days ahead. No, no my friends. I am unlike many who prefer just to sit back and let things happen. I plan my next move and prefer to have it choreographed.

Last night I was up late in the evening (about 9:16) collaborating with my counterpart in St Croix planning what may turn out to be “Origami II-Return to Buck Island”. The official logo and embroidered arm patch will soon follow.

As you may recall last September I experienced a wonderful trip to Buck Island with Michael and Terry in their small boat called the Origami. It was so fun and exciting to explore the waters and beaches of Buck Island on your own terms and timetable.

Traveling in a small vessel you experience the swells of the ocean and the salt spray first hand. You must have endurance and have an adventurous spirit to make the trip. There is no plan B except swim or flag down another boat should something happen. You can’t escape to a dingy because we are in a dingy of sorts.

Last September I was so exhausted that I literally fell out of the boat. My legs couldn’t support me.

The snorkeling on the north shore of Buck fired up the old adrenal glands like no other place. The wildlife and views underwater are fantastic.

We concluded the trip with a picnic on the beach with delicious rum and cokes, assorted cheeses, crackers and fruit.

So, weather permitting, and schedule permitting, I may visit Buck Island once again and peer over the reef wall onto the beautiful abyss.

Michael, I won’t hold your feet to the fire on this because I know it is your busy season, but if we can pull this off again, oh man oh man would it be fun.


Michael said...

No need to hold my feet to the fire, I'm as excited as you... well, almost, I'm not sure anyone can match the Wreggie level of enthusiasm. :)

Terry and I agreed Wednesday is probably the best day to plan on. Neither of us have any regularly scheduled massages that day (as of now), its smack dab in the middle between Superbowl Sunday and Jump Up Friday, so you can recover from the SB festivities (and limber up with massages on Tuesday) and still have two days (or a day and a half) to rest up before Jump Up.

Liv said...

wreggie, when i grow up i want to be you.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh good Michael...we'll assume our roles as Captain Stubble and his first mate Scruffy.

Don't we have a reservation for 12 Wednesday night at Bacchus? I recall reserving most of that front room back in September.

Oh Liv you need to bring your one woman yoga party down to the island.

Michael said...

Oh... maybe. Might want to reconfirm with them. Would that present a complication? We'll be eager to eat after a full Buck Island day.

TerryC said...

We'll have even more fun than last time!! We'll start early and get back in time for dinner at Bacchus. Mmmm!!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Actually I just called Bacchus and the reservation is for 16 at 7 PM on Thursday.

I padded that puppy a little.

Michael said...

I clicked on "Get Directions to here" in the little pop up at the "Proposed Origami Landing Site" on Buck Island on the Google Map you sent me. This is the response I got:

"We could not calculate driving directions between 105 Pinewood Lane, Midland, NC 28107 and Proposed Origami Beach Landing @17.788165,-64.62774."

So I'll have to piece it together myself.

Michael said...

105 Pinewood Lane to Proposed Origami Landing Site

Head west on Pinewood Ln toward Robinwood Dr 0.1 mi
Pinewood Ln turns right and becomes Robinwood Dr 0.3 mi 1 min
Turn right at Woodbine Dr 95 ft
Turn left at Robinwood Dr 466 ft
Turn right at Old Camden Rd 0.6 mi 2 mins
Turn right at Alvin Hough Rd 1.7 mi 3 mins
Turn left at NC-24 W/NC-27 W
Continue to follow NC-27 W 13.7 mi 24 mins
Continue on US-74 W 0.3 mi
Take the ramp onto I-277 S/NC-16 S/US-74 W
Continue to follow I-277 S/US-74 W 2.7 mi 4 mins
Take exit 1B for US-21 S/I-77 S toward Columbia 0.5 mi 1 min
Continue toward W Blvd/NC-160 0.3 mi
Take exit 9A for NC-160/W Blvd 0.3 mi
Turn right at W Blvd/NC-160 4.1 mi 9 mins
Turn left at International Airport Dr 0.2 mi
Wait in silly lines 0.3 mi 2 hrs
Board Useless Air Flight 0.1 mi 30 mins
Drink Rum and dream of St. Croix while someone else drives 3 hrs 43 mins
Disembark Flight 0.2 km 20 mins
Turn Left for Baggage Claim 0.1 km 1 mins
Wait for baggage 0 ft 30-60 mins
Meet Centerline rental attendant
Head east 0.3 km 1 min
Turn left at E Airport Rd/RT-64 1.9 km 5 mins
Collect Jeep from dingy gas station 15 mins
Turn right at Melvin H Evans Hwy/RT-66 4.9 km 5 mins
Slight right at RT-70 1.3 km 2 mins
Continue on RT-708 2.0 km 5 mins
Slight left at RT-70 0.3 km 1 min
Turn left to stay on RT-70 1.6 km 3 mins
Turn right at Richmond St/RT-75 0.3 km 1 min
Continue on King St 0.5 km 2 min
Sharp right to stay on RT-75 5.0 km 5 mins
Sharp left at RT-82 0.3 km 0.5 mins
Sharp right to stay on RT-82 5.1 km 5 mins
Left on dirt rd across from 7 Flags Rd 0.8 km 2 mins
Stop at water’s edge 10 ft 0.1 mins
Board Origami 3 ft, depth 1 ft 2 mins
Bear NE toward opening in reef 1 km 8 mins
Bear N toward Turtle Beach 2.5 km 20 mins
Bear NNE to Proposed langing site 0.2 km 2 mins
Alight on beach 3 ft 0.1 mins
Drink Rum 0 ft 120 mins

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Pretty damn accurate Michael. The only notable exceptions are a stop for breakfast on the way if Gigi is not running late (50-50) and we are getting a pickup this time from centerline.

It seems my friend that our minds are similarly demented.

I love that dingy little gas means I am back.