To Sweat and Freeze

Yesterday it never got out of the 30’s and there was a steady breeze all day. This turned out to be a most invigorating day to blow leaves. That’s just a nice way of saying I froze my ass off and sweated at the same time. It’s an unnatural state to be in.

If you do not own a home please take a moment to drop to your knees in prayer thanking God that you have been blessed with someone else to dispose of your leaves.

Now there, this is the time of year where I compartmentalize events so that I have hope of spring and warm weather. First will be the winter solstice. This occurs in a few weeks and then the days start to get longer for 6 months.

Next, they will soon release the invitation list for The Masters which is always held the first week of April.

Third, American Idol will start in January. Once this season is over it will be warm.

Lastly, my beloved island trip is seven weeks away. Once I get home from St Croix I ignore whatever winter throws at me until spring returns.

So goodbye you bastard leaves. Goodbye autumn, the season that stole my summer. Bring it on winter (fingers flicking in a “bring it on motion”), I’m ready to deal with you.


Michael said...

I held off, but no one else is commenting, so I had to bite.

I had the opposite happen yesterday. I was sweating, then froze my ass. It's been breezy all weekend, 20-30 mph winds with higher gusts, hence the postponement of the boat parade. But Saturday afternoon/night the wind switched from ESE to ENE, so it was a lot less windy at our place on Sunday. The sun was shining, gleaming off the aluminum panels on the wings of the orange rover, and I was burning up out there doing the final touches.

Then, after the sun had gone down, Terry and I dipped in the pool. FREEZING!! The little rubber ducky said 75 degrees, but I think he's lying. We both swore it couldn't have been over 40 in there. There were little ice bergs floating by. I think I caught a cold from it.

How in the world can the sun shine hot all day on a shallow pool and not warm it up? We're gonna have to get a solar water heater for our pool for these cold winter months.