Perfect Man Day

Yesterday was wonderful.

We canceled additional Christmas crap we had planned and I had a planned outage. I just sat in my chair, breathed through my mouth and watched a belly full of football.

I did bathe during the pregame show.

All my teams won, even Carolina.

Later a nap ensued followed by beer and pizza.

What a special man day it was!


Anonymous said...

My day was similiar but instead of pizza I had wings!

Kuckie said...

I need to have a day similar to that! A planned outage....I love it!

Michael said...

We've had some unplanned outages - WAPA on the fritz again. Looks like one of the latest ones blew out Terry's new(ish) computer speaker system, even though it was plugged through the UPS surge protector.

Damn that WAPA... where's Captain Stubble in our hour of need?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I'll put on my cape and will be down in 6 weeks.