In Just 8 Weeks....

Eight weeks from today I will wake up in St Croix. We are sharing a beautiful villa on top of a hill with 4 other couples.

The weather will be warm and breezy. It will be 79 degrees and the tiles around the pool will be warm on my feet. By 9 AM it will be hot enough to start activities like getting a tan or going to the beach.

By 10 it will be 84 and breezy and that is about the weather for the day.

Maybe a torrential shower will pass in the night and last for about 10 minutes. The sound on the roof is comforting and you can smile knowing that your cistern just captured several hundred gallons of precious water.

The week is an open slate. Three of the couples have never been to the island. I have to restrain myself because I think each person has to discover the marvels of St Croix on their own.

I could gather them up and drag them around like a parent a Walt Disney World but this would tire them. You can’t do it all in a week, no way, there is so much to see and do and experience in St Croix. I could stay busy enjoying the tropical fun for months. I never get tired of the underwater and above ground beauty.

This is my tenth trip and I still discover why I love the island. I love interacting with the people there. There is such a diverse culture there on the island.

But I have Christmas, football playoffs, and work to do in the next eight weeks. Then I take my favorite vacation.


TerryC said...

Wow! Only 8 weeks. The time will FLY by, especially with Christmas so near.

It'll be great to see you guys and Tom and Judy again!

Ali said...

In just 8 weeks I will be miserable from the cold, 6 months pregnant, and wishing I could be there with you guys to lay on the beach - belly and all!

Jahooni said...

i am soooooo jealous! In 8 weeks I will be reading all your great adventures and hating you even more! ;-)