Three Observations

The most wonderful time of the year is being delayed by a day this year. Normally the winter solstice occurs on the 21st of December followed by incrementally longer days, ie more sunshine. This year the solstice is being delayed for another day.

So Sunday I will greet in a longer day knowing that my beloved warm weather is on it’s was with sunshine and longer days.

Last night we had a gathering of a few old friends at someone’s house. One buddy of mine has had about 3 wives, 10 houses, 10 girlfriends and enough adventures to write a bestseller. He has even had a heart transplant all in his 48 years on earth.

Now he is back with his first wife and both of them seem content.

I went to two friends homes yesterday that I had never visited. I am amazed at the McMansions that people build and own now. These homes are big, beautiful and well decorated. I live in an older and smaller home.

I didn’t see any cats, border collies or birds around in either house. I just saw well polished wood floors, beautiful molding, and big new appliances and electronics.

I wonder sometimes if I should sell my hairy house and buy a McMansion or continue to life amongst the beasts were I have lived rather peacefully for the past 18 years.


Michael said...

Stick with the Hairy House!

You know what they say... well, we say it anyway... "The more people I meet, the more I like my dog."

You could alter it... "The more houses I go to, the more I like my doggy house." :)

Michael said...

Or, when you're ready to leave the hairy house, you could pack up all the cats, birds and border collies and head south to the islands!

Then you could fly your flag year 'round, and people would say "Captain Stubble's still on island. He never leaves. He lives in that Hairy House on the Hill."

TerryC said...

I often dream about a hairless house. I love my life and those I share it with, but the maintenance is a bitch.

I'm looking forward to a lucrative 2008 so I can hire someone to help with the cleaning and/or yardwork.
Or maybe just Michael not having to do so much Rover work..... ;).

krista said...

Keep your Hairy House! You live in a HOME not a house! I know what you mean though. I have friends with bigger and "nicer" houses than me but I always come back to my little riot of colour and chaos of toys home. Because that's where I feel at peace.