Sometimes....Just Shut Up!

I played basketball yesterday with my 11 year old nephew in 30 degree weather. I beat him but thought my heart would explode and I got a sudden asthma attack. I nearly died but I kept my pride. I really need to step up my workout.

The funeral went fine. All of us in our 40’s and 50’s noticed that there are fewer and fewer old people around at these events sparking rumors that we are becoming the old people. I’m not ready to be on deck.

It is very entertaining to watch family dynamics. I was with a group who are masters at pushing each other’s buttons. Just bring up a topic here, a comment there, and you have a full blown dogfight. They have to enjoy these conflicts or they would avoid the obvious.

The funeral we went to was for a step father who essentially raised Gigi. His family was there and within a day old conflicts were resurrected by the survivors. Good God Almighty people, just be nice or shut up. Shut up! I wanted to slap one asshole relative or at least cover him in honey and tie him to an ant hill.


Ali said...

My love and condolences to Gigi and yourself - and of course hugs.

Sometimes family can be real dipshits - and you can always trust a funeral to bring out the worst in people.

TerryC said...

Why is it that people can't just shut up?

There are a lot of thoughts that go through my head that just stay in there.

Why don't others have the ability to keep theirs in their heads, too, I wonder.

Unknown said...

It is stories like this that make me so thankful for all the family I have.

DocMtCat said...

Funerals, weddings, and holidays always seem to bring out the worst in family dynamics. Sometimes it's too bad that we can't choose our family.

(but hey at least you won the basketball game)

-Shane (doc)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Doc, I had only budgeted two dysfunctional family gatherings on my wife’s side (Thanksgiving and Christmas) and now a third was thrust upon us so soon. Now I have used up one for the year so I need to adjust the holiday schedule for 08 accordingly. I swear we may spend Christmas in St Croix.

Jay, our side of the family is even tempered which makes you ill suited when you are introduced a family full of conflict. Next Christmas…lets start a fight, you and me.

Unknown said...

Sounds good! We'll wrestle in the yard and throw dog poo at each other.

Loser buys the winner a bottle of Cruzan Rum!!!

Michael said...

All good ideas.

If you do Christmas in St. Croix, you can fight in our yard - there's always plenty of poop at hand - and if you lose... Cruzan Rum is cheap! Its a win win situation.

We also have a hose to rinse off.

Alternatively, we could be at Buck Island, and you could throw sand - its plentiful and it doesn't stink... much.

Jahooni said...

i read a book once where this little old lady went to tons of funerals of people she didn't know just to mingle and eat free food... gosh darn it, I can't remember the book!

Michael said...

Grandma Mazur does it in all the 'Stephanie Plum' books by Janet Evanovich.

none said...

I never understood people who like to fight constantly. Too much stress and wheel spinning for me.

I'll take my quiet dysfunctional family any day :)

Amos said...

That is one of the other words of wisdom from you that people should just get - mouth control. Mind control and mouth control would make this world a little better if people used them at the right times. Condolences to you both.