A Break in The Force

Admit it. Yesterday you felt a crack in “the force”. Depending on how far from the epicenter of Midland, NC, USA, something just didn’t feel right yesterday afternoon.

I can explain.

Yesterday my garage was emptied of its contents and all the shit I have collected for 20 years was exposed in my driveway.

This wasn’t done by me or Gigi. I hired professionals. These highly skilled men did what I couldn’t do and wouldn’t do.

Today I get new overhead lights installed and the sorting begins. I may even make a small man corner in my garage. You know…an old chair, old TV, radio, a rug, a lamp. Nah.

Fortunately I get to watch the action as my back continues to improve.


TerryC said...

Wow! Doesn't it feel good to see a totally daunting project getting done?

I am so happy our ceilings and eaves are finally painted. It's a huge feeling of relief to be able to see light at the end of the tunnel.

TerryC said...
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Chris said...

Wow, totally cleaned out huh?

I remember fishing through the contents trying to locate that second set of clubs - until you said that there might be a snake in there.

Congrats on being able to see the floor. Maybe we should hire a professional to clean our table now...

maggie said...

If you are still having the gizzard festival this weekend, don't forget to save me a t-shirt!

Ken said...

Sometimes you just have to hire the "real" guys to get a job done (or started).

I bet it feels good (at the moment) having an empty space that you get to fill back up a little less full and more organized, for now. You know it will fill again as the years go by.

Jay said...

Another version of a man corner would be stereo, strobe lights, a bar and a stripper pole.

Just an idea. ;-)

Ali said...

I want to come help!!!!