This and That in May

When I was a kid we actually depended on the newspaper for our weather forecast. Can you imagine how stale a 1960’s newspaper weather forecast would be?


Now I stare at my local doppler radar and watch thunderstorms as they develop right on my computer or iphone. How cool is that?


It bugs me when I hit the “back button” on a web site and they have decided you shouldn’t leave their site and override my desire by keeping me at where I am. I click the crap out of the back button until I’m released.


I have no regrets about my Roomba purchase. It now cleans my entire little guest house everyday. I may take it along with me in the RV this summer.  


The first massage I ever had was by Terry of St Croix. She used lavender scented oil. I fell in love with the fragrance.  I just washed my hands in lavender scented soap.


I installed the new digital boxes in the RV a few weeks ago. I am surprised at how many digital stations I pick up with perfect clarity. Each station now broadcasts multiple channels with multiple content rather than the single channel I am accustomed to. Usually the extra channel is devoted to weather or local news.


In my opinion I have just entered the fillet of summer. From now until September 15 is Wreggie time. I love warm weather and I love daylight. Call me a sun guy.  


terri said...

This IS the best time of the year!