Dumb Ass Award

The Dumb Ass award goes to….(ripping open the envelope)…Allied Waste.


Give them a call and congratulate them if you get a chance or just drop by and see the dumb ass mouth breathers for yourself.




Phone: 7043936900


They are right by Lowes Motor Speedway.


Today they made it 5 weeks in a row that they missed picking up my garbage. This surpasses the record held since September 1989 when hurricane Hugo blocked roads for four weeks.


This morning I was up early to watch the big blue truck drive down my cul-de-sac and make a three point turn in front of my loaded garbage can.  


I jumped up and ran outside to chase him down but he sped out of the neighborhood. 


Rock Chef said...

We had a spate of that too. My wife must have become a real pain in their butts, constantly calling the main office to complain. Oh, and the day she caught them leaving out cul-de-sac and forced them to reverse back to get our trash.

You should get the trophy made up and get local TV to come along for the ceremony!

AmyK said...

That looks intentional doesn't it?

TerryC said...

Why didn't you call them after the second time?

Are you too busy twittering with your facebook friends?

;-) ;-)

Chris said...

Wow, a garbage man who thinks he's too good for your garbage can?

He's probably the supervisor.

Michael said...

I'm convinced our garbage men are psychic... If we're prepared and put the garbage out the night before (risking vandalism by errant animals)they won't show up until about noon, or maybe the next day, or they won't come at all. But if we forget, or are lazy, and don't take it out the night before, we'll awaken to the sounds of the truck at about 4 am.

...and sadistic. They delight in mangling cans. We nursed an old broken barrel until the bottom pretty much completely fell out. Terry finally cracked and bought a new one, and we tossed the old one. Within three weeks they'd busted the bottom of the new one. A month old and it looks like the old one did after 5 years.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to throw away an old garbage can?

Michael said...

Yes! We tried to get them to take our old battered bottomless barrel, but they balked. We finally had to bury it, in a dumpster.

none said...

Maybe they're expecting a bribe.

terri said...

I think I'll drop them a line...give 'em a good ass-chewing.