I Hate Uncertainty

The Kentucky Derby and the local PGA event are behind us and this signals summer is just around the corner. It was a muggy unsettled weather wise day yesterday and kept me off the lake for a second weekend.

There has been a strange turn of events for my upcoming Bermuda visit. The schedule and visit had all hinged around the Roseway’s scheduled return from St Croix to Boston via Bermuda.

That is where we would meet our friends who were to work the crew for a long weekend of fun and island exploration.

As of Friday night a new schedule surfaced that would take Roseway to Jacksonville, then a delayed trip to Bermuda.

This throws a turd in the punchbowl. Jacksonville is nice but it’s not Bermuda. We could cancel Bermuda and meet Michael and Terry there in Jacksonville. Then perhaps show them the beauty and uncluttered South Georgia coast.

Or we can go on to Bermuda ourselves with two less people although I am certain our chubby cheeks will be tear stained at their absence.

We should find out today what will be decided by the Roseway board.


TerryC said...

Imagine how salty our chubby cheeks will be after those extra days on the Roseway!

Also, if we go to Florida, there won't be time to play. We'll have to jump right on a plane and head home..... :-(

Unknown said...

I vote for Jacksonville of course!!!

Ken said...

Such is the schedule of ships crossing oceans.

terri said...

That's a tough choice... time with good friends or a new vacation destination without the good friends. Whatever you decide, I hope you have a great time.

Stacy said...

turds in the punch bowl are no good