Good May Saturday

In the South perfect weather has arrived for you and me and I am grateful. This past week I rode the Jeep topless to work every day.

The pollen has been brutal this year but some reason it has been more of an eye irritant than an allergic irritant. Because of the lack of rain every surface has a powdery yellow dust covering the surface.

I have had a million things to do this week but for whatever reason most chores went undone.

A few weeks ago I was filling out an online form that required my email address to continue. As a spoof I put Dr. in front of my name instead of Mr. The company assured that they would keep my email address private. Yeah, right.

Now I am getting email solicitations medical stuff in Spanish. So now in the email world there is a Hispanic Wreggie, MD.

Finally I really don’t like web sites that make noise. Even swooshes with fancy flash rub me wrong. The reason I don’t like noisy sites isn’t the sound but the noise identifies to others where I am and I like to keep my surfing anonymous.

Same for TV noises. There is no reason to have a swoosh noise on a TV graphic. It is cartoonish.


terri said...

It is a beautiful May Saturday here, and I think I will let my chores go undone today.

Kuckie said...

It has been raining here since Tuesday, and is supposed to continue for the next 10 days. Luckily, we are also getting periods of sun each day, so that is good. But shoot, all this rain makes people grouchy!

Unknown said...

I'd suggest you put your shirt back on when driving the Jeep.

Oh wait, you mean the Jeep is topless.

MELackey said...

I keep the computer speakers turned off for that very reason. I can always turn them on if there is something I need to hear.

On the subject of sounds, I HATE the radio commercials that have either horns honking or tires squealing. They always scare the crap out of me and have caused several near wrecks when I flinch and hit the brakes.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I am not too sure about a website that I'm signing up on or whatnot...I'll use Terri instead of Teresa (it's an old nickname anyway) and it's an easy way to identify my junk mail.