This Is Progress I Guess

I saw 60 Minutes the other night where they demonstrated how pilots fly drone warplanes over Afghanistan from 12,000 miles away.


These planes are capable of seeing targets clearly from the stealthy silence of 16,000 feet. From this height targets can be killed individually or in clusters with 500 lbs bombs.


No us soldiers are put at risk and the enemy can be killed with the highest efficiency.


It was said that the President is leaning more towards this new technology to fight future wars.


The same guy draws the line though in holding enemy combatants and water torture.


It is far less cruel to ambush an enemy from 12000 miles away like some video game than it is to pour water over his face to simulate drowning in order to find out where more enemy are.


It makes me long for the good old days of WWII when armies’ worn uniforms and it was okay just to shoot each other.   


Anonymous said...

Agreed. But soldiers had honor back then as well. There's little or no honor in battle any more.

Chris said...

My grandpa was in WW2 as a member of the Engineering corps.
He saw some pretty crazy things.

I have some issues with the whole Geneva convention thing. It determines that certain cluster bombs that we have in the artillery are too inhumane for war. Does that make sense? Our first objective was to shoot to injure, not kill, but specific weapons are too mean.

War doesn't make sense.

Rock Chef said...

No, go back further to when leaders stood in the front rank swinging a sword! There would be a lot less wars if that was still the case!

Ali said...

I'm with John - when it's not them on the front lines, it's easy to send people to war...