The garage project has turned out as bad as I had feared. I would have been far better off to declare this space unusable and just nailed the doors shut. This would have been my version of capping Chernobyl with a concrete dome.

Now I’m into day seven of sorting musty shit to save, throw away, or give away and I have this big cavernous musty room called my garage.

What is the big deal? I have gained some space and musty memories and still have work to do.

I’d much rather be riding in the Jeep, sticking pencils in my eye, anything except cleaning and sorting more musty shit.

Speaking of shit, (and you knew a shit story was building) we have experienced the fruit of having several hundred feet of volatile dog intestines under one roof.

And we have determined it was a bad lot of Purina Pro Plan for Adult dogs Lamb and Vegetable favor. Purina is sending some off to be tested and we are feeding the dogs home cooked meals for now.

Our carpet guy was out yesterday and did a fantastic job.

Enjoy the video.

Slap Project from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.

It really disturds me to see the young woman slapped but she looked better prepared than the guys.


TerryC said...

Just pretend you're a famous archeologist snooping into the history of some lost culture.

Examine it closely, take copious notes, try to figure out what on Earth the stuff was used for, and then donate it to a museum or garbage dump.

The lost culture certainly won't need any of that stuff with all the new gadgets it has, not to mention the ones yet to be invented that it will surely make part of its everyday life. ;-)

terri said...

You need a woman's help. I always put projects like this off, but I always feel good once it's done.

The slap video is really strange. The woman's face is much less jiggly than the men's faces. On the men, their skin rolls like a wave. She must have a good skin firming product!