What is this crap for crying out loud?

What it is…is my Explorer window after I scrolled the page. This Microsoft Explorer running in a newly installed XP (Microsoft) operating system and it does a real good job of smearing my content.

This happens regularly after a few hours. The browser becomes slow and unresponsive then crashes. Only a reboot will restore the browser to “good order”.

I love Chrome but it doesn’t like some secure sites I have to use in my work.

Any suggested fixes anyone? 


Rock Chef said...

No fixes from me, but my Vista machine does this a lot!

Anonymous said...

You need to right click the desktop and then click the resolution tab or whatever it's called with the resolution. Then click Advanced and turn off or down the hardware acceleration.

Next you need to find out what type of video card you have and upgrade the driver for it. Should be in the same place. More than likely there has been an update for it.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thank you Knot. I just did both. I'll see how the day goes.

Anonymous said...

Secure sites? Or Porn?!!!

Michael said...

You still have to use IE for some secure sites? Don't they know IE is the least secure browser out there?

I know you love your google toolbar in Firefox, have you tried the "IE Tabs" add-on? You can open a browser page, using the IE rendering engine, in a tab in Firefox.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes...yes....but the site is written Explorer specific.

The addon worked fine in Firefox but then the Google Toolbar quit working so I abandoned firefox.

I have all my bookmarks in Google Toolbar.

matshorts said...

down with IE! i am a nerd so here if a nerd statement.

If a site says it's made specifically for IE than the owner of that site doesn't care how their sites looks on your browser and you can only blame them.

Stick with Firefox, it's the most used browser worldwide and actually follows web standards.

mr zig said...

yeah - stop using Microsoft Explorer? :) I stopped using it cuz of that - (and other reasons as well) -

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Unfortunately I have to use it. The site is basically an intranet site available through the Internet. If I didn't use it I would go broke and be happy on Firfox...or be unhappy on Explorere and pay the bills. It is business related. This is from a company that insists we still use XP. Good luck I guess on Windows 7.