Stuff I Don't Like

The NFL franchise St Louis Rams are up for sale and may move back to Los Angeles. I don’t like sports teams moving. It discounts the fan base and city.

How ridiculous is it that we have an NBA team called the Utah Jazz. It should be the New Orleans Jazz but no…they have New Orleans Hornets who came from Charlotte. Hornets are a local name derived from the area involvement in the revolutionary war and have nothing to do with New Orleans.

But the NBA said to Charlotte, “Don’t worry, you can have a brand new franchise bought by an out of touch out of towner.” So Black Entertainment Network owner Bob Johnson got his franchise and named it after him…Bobcats. Then he wouldn’t hire any white folks and filled the games with urban and rap hip hop and guess what? Nobody came. Now the Bobcats are for sale. Anyone want a shitty NBA team with a loosing history, orange uniforms and no fan base?

Cleveland and Baltimore did it right. When the Browns packed up their orange helmets to move to Baltimore the city of Cleveland said no. The Brown stayed in Cleveland even if we don’t have a team. So the Browns became the Ravens and eventually the NFL awarded another franchise to Cleveland and the Browns resurrected. This is good.

However the Ravens quote records going back to the days of the Baltimore Colts. That is tacky Baltimore. The records should go with the franchise.

In my mind the Colts should still be in Baltimore and the Cardinals should be in St Louis. My FIL remembers the Cardinals in Chicago.

Don’t think for one moment Tennessee Titans that I don’t know you are the Houston Oilers.


terri said...

They still sell Minnesota North Stars hockey jerseys around here, even though the team packed their bags, removed the "North" from their name and settled in the much warmer climate in Texas. I swear, the entire state was in mourning when they left. Thankfully, the Wild was born and resurrected hockey mania in MN.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Wterri... hockey is a another whole story. They have too many hockey teams in the south. The Boston Whalers are the Carolina Hurricanes. They only fill the arena when the Canes make the playoffs. Cool name though.

I understand one needs a few teams around for the northern transplants.

We weren't raised on ice sports around here.

Jay said...

I remember when the old man who owns the Washington Wizards fired Michael Jordan as the team's GM and everybody thought that was soooooo crazy. Now that Bob Johnson has made that deal whereby Jordan basically runs the Bobcats all by himself and everyone sees what a shitty franchise it is, those people should apologize to the Wizard' ownership. They were right. Jordan was the best player ever, but he sucks in team management.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

That's another thing Jay...Washington Wizards? What a puss name. The Bullets fit the city perfectly. See how changing the name reduced the crime rate in Washington?

Chris said...

Amen. I hate when teams leave, and they give them another stupid name.

What (who) exactly are the Minnesota Wild? They should have remained the Stars...

Wayne Gretzky owns the title of "Jets". If Winnipeg ever gets a team back, will they buy that one word form a guy who doesn't need the money? Probably not. The team will be named after something more Winnipeg-ly, like the Winnipeg stabbers.