Weekend Update with Wreggie

The great garage renovation of 2009 continues in the able hands of hired guns Kendall and Mark. It is now down to where I must sift through the mounds of stuff all covered with a blue tarp in the driveway. This will be my job today.

The net gain is a lot of useful space and more crap to throw away. I can actually get at things now.

Oh…they installed three rows of florescent lights. One can actually see in the garage now.

Yesterday I played in a golf tournament and was on the winning team. This is a first for me. We basically won back our entry fee. That was just fine by me. I added two clutch shots for two birdies and two more assists for par.

In an ongoing project Gigi’s beloved 1987 Toyota 4Runner has been absent for 3 weeks due to a slow but careful body restoration. A friend who works at a local car dealer has worked it in as a favor to her. It is ready and the reveal should be today.

She so loves that car. We bought that car used in 1989. We have kept it up mechanically and cosmetically as best we could.

My car fleet would be beaters to most families but we cherish our cars. Combined between the Jeep, 4Runner and pickup we have in excess of ¾ of a million miles racked up on our cars all equally distributed. I would hesitate to drive any of them anywhere.


TerryC said...

Obviously, we love old vehicles, too. New cars are too computerized and down here in the salt air they quickly become useless.

I miss my '87 Ford Bronco II.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Funny Terry....I found an 87 4Runner without a motor and thought about getting it for spare parts. Then I started thinking about the blue Rover. Nipped that idea in the bud.

After spending a few hours in the garage organizing I am contemplating how I can put a few tons of garbage into low earth orbit for a controlled reentry and burn up.

Chris said...

All very nice vehicles.
Just make sure you keep me in mind when you want to drop the Jeep.

Congrats on the golf game! No video to prove the shots?

Michael said...

"I would hesitate to drive any of them anywhere"... So what do you do wit'em, let 'em sit in the driveway lookin' puurrty?

Anonymous said...

You and my husband would get along very well where cars are concerned. Though We are ni the market for a enw car as the wagon bit the big one here last week. Sigh. Hate to car shop. lol

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Ahhh wouldn't hesitate.

The problem is I live on a huge island so I can get purty far from home.

terri said...

I get attached to my cars. Mark wanted me to get a new car last fall, and I refused, just because I love the car I already have.