I'm in a Fog

I hurt my back significant enough that I got an emergency massage yesterday morning. She did a great job but I am still stiff and moving slowly.


It appears the problem is muscular and it stemmed from me picking up a generator on Sunday afternoon.


At any rate I can walk nearly normal now. Monday morning I was only able to walk with my butt muscles tight and tucked under and my arms in the air. I looked like a chimp walking on his hind legs.


I stopped by a local café on the way to work. I was craving some protein and only a few eggs would do.


Beside my table were three men having a corporate meeting of sorts. One man was clearly in charge. They talked in low tones.


I did hear the guy in charge ask, “Have the employees that are Christian been identified?”


That sounded strange. 


Rock Chef said...

Ooh, hope the back continues to get better!

That conversation sounds odd. Perhaps they are having to let some people go and want to keep the Christians? Or fire the Christians first? Now I want to know!

Jay said...

I used to work for a company that made sure to find out the political beliefs of their employees. People who they were sure were republicans got put on the "do promote" list. Everyone else was screwed.

Be sure to always lift with your legs, not your back! Hope it keeps getting better. Back injuries are a bitch.

Michael said...

That sucks. Terry was miffed that I lifted a power-washer into the Rover by myself on Sunday, but I was pretty careful and didn't throw my back out. She was thinking my soreness yesterday was from that, but I'm pretty sure it was from spending half of Saturday and most of Sunday holding the washing wand over my head and craning my neck back while powerwashing under all the eaves and porch roof.

TerryC said...

Ouch! Bummer!

Just because you still usually act 14, doesn't mean you are, Silly.

Hope you feel better soon...