Dog Memories

I don’t care for the word ombudsman but really like the word avionics.  I rarely use either word.


Yesterday afternoon I placed ball with Abby. It was a new tennis ball. After we played I set it by the back door and we went in.


This morning when I let out Abby she went running to where the ball was. You could see her relief and happiness that the ball was still there.


I wonder if she thought about that ball last night.  She must have. 


Rock Chef said...

My dog has his own toy box.

Sometimes he will go digging in it, pulling things out and dropping them on the floor until he finds something right at the bottom that he wants to play with - something that he hasn't had out for weeks or months - but clearly something that he has remembered and suddenly wants again.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Funny. We have a toy box too. They all share it.

none said...

Most dogs can't hold a thought for more than a few seconds. Maybe bones and balls elicit more evolved thought processes.

I had a pomeranian that had to know where it's stuffed alligator was at all times.

terri said...

I used the word "ombudsman" this week. There's a federal student aid ombudsman office where you can file a complaint about the way your loans are being handled. I talked to a guy that didn't like the fact that he was denied for a federal loan due to poor credit. I told him the government determines the credit criteria. He wanted to change the system. I said, "Call the ombudsman." He said, "The WHAT?"

You know what word I really like to say? "Baton Rouge."

Anonymous said...

I read those first two words and my head exploded.

If I owned a dictionary I'd go look them up.