Here in Charlotte the central business district has been referred to as “Uptown” since the late 1970’s. Uptown sounded more progressive and positive and everything produced by the Center City Business Partners had the term uptown referring to what most cities call downtown.

Now there has been an official change. Center City Business Partners is now called Downtown Business Partners and Uptown is now Downtown.


Plus…Ballentine Resort located in South Charlotte changed its name to Ballentine Hotel and Lodge.

It seems that the term resort was a bit too ostentatious in these tough times.

There now. All is right with the world here in the Queen City.

Charlotte was named after Queen Charlotte. If you ever come to our airport there is a big bronze statue of queen Charlotte that looks like Barney Fife in drag.


Michael said...

I guess the city fathers were optimistic in the 70s, now reality has set in. In the current market, financial centers are looking a lot more "down" than "Up".

TerryC said...

Isn't there a town in NC owned by our very Armstrong family of Buccaneer fame?

That's what I've heard, anyway.

There is a recent addition to the family (an heiress) named "Charlotte" don't ya know?

Methinks this requires more research.


Chris said...

I have to say, Charlotte is one nice city, and the Downtown/uptown is pretty exceptional as well.

I think they should put a bronze statue of a plate of grits and country ham at the airport. That would be delicious....