Dr. Papi I Presume?

Celebration is in order. This week marks a milestone in the life of a friend of mine.

On Wednesday Peter Skrivanos of The Pickled Greek celebrates one year since opening his restaurant in St Croix.

The owner Peter is no ordinary man and The Pickled Greek is no ordinary Greek restaurant. In less than a year the Pickled Greek was voted the
best restaurant in the entire Virgin Islands by the public choice awards.

Peter is affectingly known as “Papi” and there is a list of island drinks that bear his name as follows:

Papi - Cruzan Estate Dark Rum & Diet Coke (My personal favorite and Papi’s)
Papi on the Green - Papi with a Lime (When I am trying to impress or count drinks)
Fat Papi - Papi with Regular Coke (The signature drink of Michael Dance)
Anti-Papi - Backardi & Diet Coke (This is wrong. When on the island drink the local Cruzan Rum)
Kindergarten Papi - Cruzan Estate Diamond (5yr Aged Rum) & Diet Coke
Sloppy Papi - No diet coke
Nutty Papi - Cruzan Coconut Rum & Diet Coke
Stoopid Papi - Single Barrel Cruzan Rum & Diet Coke (Single barrel should be sipped on its own. No Coke needed)
Russian Papi - Vodka & Diet Coke
Rehab Papi - Sprite

So what do you give a man who proclaims he is “irie”? (To be at total peace with your current state of being. The way you feel when you have no worries)

Papi I have been working feverously in my test bar trying to come up with a new drink worthy of your name.

Here is my gift to you Peter my friend from Gigi and me….Dr Papi. Cruzan Estate Dark Rum & Diet Dr. Pepper. It is fantastic and a lemon or lime gives it an extra Opah!

Congratulations Papi! Go and enjoy.


mic said...

What a nice present!

Unknown said...

Oooo that sounds good!!!

We used to drink Malibu with Dr. Pepper. Maybe try the Curzan Cocnut Rum with Diet Dr. Pepper!!!

Sounds like a test drink for Jekyll :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! And Peter deserves every bit of recognition for the work and personality he's put into the Greek.

We are lucky to have him here, most especially after his shaky start.