Circa 1972

I found this old photo today. Gigi and I have been looking for it for years.


This is the day Gigi and I met. It was December 1972. I was 16 and she was 13.


I think I had a unibrow under that lock of hair.  


terri said...

Oh my gosh! You two were SO cute! Did you start dating that year, or did that come later? Just thinking there's no way I would've let a 16 year old boy date my 13 year old daughter.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

We dated a few times under very strict rules. She was a good girl and kept me at bay.

We dated on and off the years that followed.

We picked it up again when she was 18.

Been stuck with her ever since.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking unibrows were "in" in 72 were'nt they? If not, lots of people have some explaining to do! LOL!!

terri said...

Stuck with her??? You KNOW there's no one else you'd rather be "stuck" with! :-)

none said...

I remember a lot of folks had moustaches back then or at least tried to.

Great pic!

Anonymous said...




Stacy said...

wow wreggie you are old ha ha

Rock Chef said...

Wow, you are so lucky to have a pic like that! And thanks for the potted history too!

TerryC said...

What an awesome picture!

You both looked exactly the same as you do now!

Fortunately in your wisdom, you don't use that cocky 16-year-old expression anymore, like some 50+ guys do. ;-)

Too cute for words!

Judy said...

I remember you looking like that! Gigi is so cute!