A New Festival Anyone?

There should be a gizzard festival. There is a festival for everything else…why not gizzards? This would truly be a Wreggie event.

Before you condemn the simple chicken gizzard I challenge you to eat some. The classic Wreggie recipe is stew some chicken gizzards and hearts in water for hours and hours. This renders the giblets tinder and reduced in their own broth.

Make a nice gravy and mix with the gizzards and hearts. Then dish out the gizzards over your favorite rice or noodle.

I swear they are fantastic. Honest.

We used to eat gizzards and rice a lot as a kid. It was poor man’s comfort food. We weren’t poor but my daddy was growing up so families like his ate cheap meat like this.

Gizzards are good fried too. There is still one place in town that makes fantastic fried Gizzards and that is Price’s Chicken Coop.

Remember 2009. This is the year of the first annual chicken gizzard festival. I’ll pick a weekend soon. It may be small at first…maybe just me and the dogs.

I know…it will be over memorial weekend.

Anyone want a tee shirt? Any graphic artists out there want to take a shot at the soon to be famous Wreggie Legend Gizzard Festival logo?


Rock Chef said...

They would probably be great if i Didn't know what they were before eating them.

Do the gizzards still have the remains of the "last supper" in them?

none said...

I make gravy for chicken and dumplings out of gizzards but never thought of stewing them. My 12 year old is probably the only one in the family who would eat them everyone else is too picky.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No...I have not noticed any chicken scratch leavings.

Kuckie said...

We always fought over who got the gizzards when I was growing up!

mic-Job said...

We always fought for the heart first then the tummy.

Unknown said...

I'm gonna be sick.

Chris said...

I love gizzards. Deep fried are the best.

My friends Mitchell and I would drive around Beaudette, MN for hours, eating heaping bags of chicken gizzards while waiting for his girlfriend to finish work.

I'm bad ass like that.

Unknown said...

Can your festival include wings as well so normal people can attend?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You've gotta try them Jay.

terri said...

I eat 'em! Go figure! I found my people here!