Quack Y'all

I love my iPhone. I’ve had it since January and use it extensively for business and pleasure.

The phone comes with a lot of built in ring tones of animals. My default ringtone is a duck quacking. It is the real deal too. No fake duck sounds.

Gigi’s special ring tone is birds chirping.

My ringtone on her phone is ducks quacking. You may be getting the picture here that there are a lot of quacking sounds in my house.

My parrot Boscoe has seemed oblivious to this until last night. Around 2 AM Boscoe quacked loudly.

Gigi thought I was calling her and I though my phone was ringing.

We laughed and fell back to sleep.

Crazy bird.


Ali said...

Hehehe - I love you guys and your crazy animals :)

Ken said...

That's funny!

Rock Chef said...

We have a relative who had a cockatoo that mimicked her telephone ringing.

Hm, I never wanted an iPhone before, but a duck ringtone?

TerryC said...

Too funny! I'd really love to meet Boscoe one day!

terri said...

You woke up at 2 a.m. because your parrot has learned to quack and it made you laugh? I think I'd be crabby.

matshorts said...

my aunt has a parrot. it mimics the microwave beeping, the telephone and doorbell.

but worst of all it mimics her voice... and a repair once came to the door in the summer and knocked and the parrot said, "come in!" and so he did and scared the crap out of my Aunt as he was walking thru the house.