A Dear Old Friend

I will soon be loosing an old friend and I am at a loss about what to do. She has been my close friend since 1985. I see her every day and she is always in a quiet, but friendly mood.

Sometimes we just stand and look at each other. Sometimes I cradle her head in my arms and feel her radiant heat.

She has such a familiar smell. Her hair is an orange red and pokes straight up. She has sky blue eyes.

She helped my through difficult times in my life, especially when I used to get depressed. She would always listen.

But now she is getting old and has difficulty standing. Her appetite is waning. She moves ever so slow.

You see, Lady is our oldest and first horse. She now is 20 something years old, maybe 27 or 28. She is so frail and thin now. Her condition breaks my heart but she ain’t done yet.

I hope she makes it through one more summer. I hope when she dies she is peaceful and goes naturally. Please God, take this pet when her time comes.


I put Lady to bed tonight and she is so meek and frail. She is also so sweet and gentle as she has always been.


Anonymous said...

That post brought tears to my eyes.