I'm A Manly Man

Yep…..I correctly diagnosed and changed an idle controller on my jeep today. I did it with my bare hands and a credit card. I’m quite the manly man you know.

The real story….

My jeep made this awful sound every time I shut it off. It sounded like a cow moo from under the hood. I didn’t know what the hell it was. My jeep also required me to hold the throttle open a bit in order to start the jeep.

So at lunch my BIL (Judy’s husband) was in town and I took him out for a manly ride in the Beast. He said, “Sounds like your idle controller is bad. Raise the hood and I can tell you.”

Tom stuck his index finger on a box with wires and pipes and declared it broken. He could feel the box “moo” every time I cut off the engine. He then explained what the controller did and showed me how easy it would be to change myself.

So I ran by the auto parts store on the way home and bought a brand new controller for $73. On the way home I stopped by my mechanic’s garage to enquire about the difficulty of the installation. He looked at me, rolled his eyes and grabbed the box from my hand. In two minutes I was up and running with a jeep that idled like God intended.

Didn’t know how handy I was!


Peach Pod said...

I loved this story! Did you check out the sad tale of my car on my blog?

BTW, did you know that my Excursion was named Big Red, too?

Terri said...

You are obviously a mechanical GENIUS!