I am Such a Klutz

It is a decent spring day here in the 60’s. The earliest flowers are blooming and the tree buds are starting to swell in preparation for full spring.

So I figured I would cut out early from work and do some manly work on my jeep.

Yesterday I installed the last seat and had only one bolt left over. I was so proud. I couldn’t get one joint to come together to save my life. If I couldn’t get the seat to budge by sitting on it and bouncing, I figured it was okay to install the seat minus one bolt. The seat is better than what was in there and I am dead anyway if I get in a big wreck.

So today it was going to be an easy job. It was so easy that Peaches, my number one border collie could have done it. You see, I ordered new drop in shift knob inserts. The old shift knob inserts were worn and dirty. All I needed to do was pop out the old inserts and drop in the new ones.

I got a pocket knife out (start getting suspicious here) and pried off the old insert. It was all gooey and left a residue in the indentation. I carefully started scraping the insert and ended out gouging some of the exposed knob. I went back to trim some goop off and slipped and gouged my hand.

Now I’m bleeding on a nice spring day in my drive way over a simple friggin insert.

I swear…..this builds character. It has to.

Peaches said she would finish the job for me.